Privacy Policy

Harada Bussan Kaisha, LTD. recognizes its social responsibility as a company to protect any personal information collected through its business of importing and exporting under contract and selling equipment and tools. This is regarded as one of the company’s most important activities. The company has set forth the following personal information protection policy to ensure the protection of personal information, and company executives and employees are committed to the proper handling and management of personal information in accordance with this policy.

  1. 1. Proper Handling of Personal Information

    Purpose of Use

    When asking for the provision of personal information, the company will notify, publish, and disclose in advance the purpose of using this information, and will only use this information within the scope of the stated purpose. Should it become necessary to use this information outside the scope of the notified, published, or disclosed purpose, the individual will be contacted to obtain consent. If consent is not provided, this information will not be used for the new purpose.

    Provision of Information to Third Parties

    Personal information stored by the company will not be provided to a third party, except in the following cases.

    1. 1. If the individual has consented to providing the information
    2. 2. If the company has been ordered to disclose personal information on the basis of laws and regulations
    3. 3. If provision of the information is necessary to protect people’s lives, health, property, or other important interests.

    Disclosure of Information, etc.

    If an individual requests the confirmation, correction, or deletion of any personal information managed by the company, the inquiries manager will respond to the request promptly. However, company will only accept the request after it has confirmed the identity of the individual concerned, and will prevent the unlawful alteration of personal information by third parties.

  2. 2. Adherence to Laws and Guidelines

    The company will strictly adhere to all laws and guidelines regarding the handling of personal information.

  3. 3. Security of Personal Information

    The company will take all reasonable security measures, investigate the reasons for any lack of compliance, and promptly take corrective action to ensure there is no unlawful access, destruction, amendment or leakage of personal information, or any other issues.

  4. 4. Creating and Improving Compliance Programs Related to the Personal Information Protection Law

    The company will create a personal information program that conforms to the Personal Information Protection Law and Guidelines, and this program will be implemented by executives and all employees.
    The compliance program in respect of the Personal Information Protection Law will be continually improved in accordance with changes in the social environment and changes in related laws and norms.

Enactment date: August 10, 2006
Harada Bussan Kaisha, LTD.
Yutaka Harada, President