Corporate History

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Predecessor In September 1948
Hipuller Sangyosha, Ltd. was established to represent Yale & Town Mfg. Co., U.S.A. having obtained its authorized manufacture and sales license of Yale “Pul-Lift” named “The Hipuller”. In 1962, Osaka Sales Office was opened when Harada Bussan Kaisha obtained an exclusive sales right for the products of The Stanley Works in U.S.A., and started Import of Electric Powered Tools. Then in 1965, Harada Bussan started the sales of Steel Strapping Tools, Hand Tools, Hydraulic Tools and Fastening Tools for Automobile Assembly Plants, and further more in 1977, made an exclusive distributorship of FROMM AG in Switzerland expanding Fromm Packaging Businesses with Steel Strapping Tools and Plastic Strapping Tools, also, Airpad Machines along with their cushion materials.
Founding In October 1970
The above mentioned Yale & Town Mfg. Co. (which was later merged with Eaton Corporation and then with Nacco Materials Handling Group, Inc.) was set up a JV company in Japan, named, as Sumitomo Yale Co., Ltd. (currently Sumitomo Nacco Material Handling Co., Ltd.)

In addition, Harada Bussan export the hoist related equipment and the wire grip equipment, expanding the business to provide the import and export services.

Presently, we have been expanding as the professional reliable firm, handling from the small handy tools to the industrial machines.