• Engine tool

    Engine tool

    Tools for engine maintenance.

  • Oil filter wrench

    Oil filter wrench

    Filter wrench for replacement of oil filter.

  • Cutter knife

    Cutter knife

    Tough sharp-edged cutter knife and replacement blades for professional use.

  • Plane


    Making smoother surface of timber. Also offer western style planes manufactured by STANLEY.

  • Cabinet


    Roller cabinet for efficient storage of tools , manufactured by PROTO.

  • Creeper


    Low wheeled board , person lie and gain better access into underbody of vehicle for maintenance.

  • Surform


    Surform with both function of plane and file, manufactured by STANLEY.

  • Inspection mirror

    Inspection mirror

    Mirror for visual check of blind spot at engine compartment zone.

  • Suspension tool

    Suspension tool

    Pickle fork for maintenance of suspension.

  • Scraper


    Hand tool for scraping off substances on surface.

  • Socket wrench

    Socket wrench

    Socket wrenches with high accuracy and reliability manufactured by PROTO.

  • Tune-up tool

    Tune-up tool

    Plier removes plug-cord safely and securely.

  • Tester


    Various testers for checking electrical power.

  • Driver


    Various screw drivers manufactured by PROTO.

  • Torque wrench

    Torque wrench

    Tools for tightening screw under designed torque.

  • Fuel tool

    Fuel tool

    Funnel for fueling manufactured by LISLE.

  • Saw


    Various western style saws (pushing-cut) including set with clamp stand.

  • Battery tool

    Battery tool

    Tools for maintenance of battery.

  • Hammer


    Various rubber hammers not hurt hammering point.

  • Plier


    Reliable plier and nipper manufactured by PROTO.

  • Brake tool

    Brake tool

    Grind stone for grinding brake cylinder manufactured by LISLE.

  • Hose pincher

    Hose pincher

    Pincher manufactured by LISLE for clamping rubber hose.

  • Bonnet (hood) lifting rod

    Bonnet (hood) lifting rod

    Rod for lifting bonnet (hood) , for efficient maintenance.

  • Measure


    Metallic measures for both metric and yard-pound system.

  • Magnet tool

    Magnet tool

    Tool holders by magnetic , tools for picking up metallic parts, and other.

  • Wrench


    Combination wrenches for inch measurement.