• Earth auger

    Earth auger

    Earth boring applications for agriculture and pole construction.

  • Impact wrench

    Impact wrench

    For tightening and loosening bolts and nuts with wide range of output torque.

  • Cut-off saw

    Cut-off saw

    Cutting metal or masonry materials as concrete, brick, steal and pipe.

  • Grinder


    For grinding metals, stone and for underwater use such as cleaning ship bottom.

  • Circular saw

    Circular saw

    Equipped with 2m-long shaft for trimming and pruning tree branches.

  • Submersible pump

    Submersible pump

    Large pump efficiently drains manhole and tank.

  • Tamper


    Hydraulic tamper used even in night work by no exhaust noise.

  • Chain saw

    Chain saw

    Long bar model and underwater model are available.

  • Chipping hammer

    Chipping hammer

    Good performance for chipping concrete or masonry, also available underwater model.

  • Digger


    Applicable to various works with bit shape as digging up soil.

  • Tools for railway maintenance

    Tools for railway maintenance

    Various low-noise and powerfull tools for railway construction manufactured by STANLEY.

  • Drill


    From one hand-operation hand drill to sinker drill for rock and concrete drilling.

  • Pruner


    Cutting tree branches by hooking, no wood chips.

  • Breaker


    Efficiently breaking up concrete, rock, and asphalt.

  • Post driver

    Post driver

    For driving poles, pipes, and piles into the ground.

  • Post puller

    Post puller

    For pulling out pile and pole from the ground up to maximum 200mm in diameter.

  • Coupler for hydraulic tool connection

    Coupler for hydraulic tool connection

    Various size couplers for hydraulic tool and hose connection.

  • Hydraulic unit

    Hydraulic unit

    Engine-driven hydraulic power unit manufactured by STANLEY for operating hydraulic tools.