For lifting, pulling, lowering and tensioning. Ratchet lever hoists enable speedy work at a job site.
Robust highest heat treated special steel load chain having exceptional strength and tenacity is used.
Combination of dry type brake lining and proof ratchet wheel ensures strong and stable braking for safe working.
Newly designed smart hooks with deep pocket increase the working efficiency.
Each bearing part is so designed as to meet any usage without troubles under such bad conditions where muddy water splashes the hoist.

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Model No.0.25TON0.5TON0.8TON1TON1.6TONW3TON
Rated capacity (ton)
Lift (m)
Minimum distance (mm)240.0260.0280.0282.0340.0470.0
Chain dia (mm) x2
Handle effort (kg)
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight (kg)