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Full-line up Tools and small Machines. From Hydraulic Tools with tremendous efficiency to high-accuracy Hand Tools.
Rescue and Emergency Service for disaster. High-Performance Tents for disaster and accident, and Powered Rescue Tools.
Batteries for wide-ranged industrial use. Various batterie for indsutrial use, power-supply such as with nickel-cadmium, lead, and alkali. Batteries for industrial use.
Reliable and Strong Strapping. Steel and Plastic Strapping Systems for all your applications, manufactured by FROMM or other.
Air-Pad quick producing machine. Produce ecological Air-Pad at packing site. Cost reduction by saving strage-site and weight of pakage.
Mini Surveyor Industrial Drones, made in Japan. All kinds of Drone can be used in various fields and applications.

Industrial tools

Many types of Tools from Hydraulic Tools to Hand-Tools such as STANLEY, PROTO, LISLE, etc.

Fire Safety and Rescue Equipments

FSI Hi-Performance Tents and Decon Shower Sysytems, Powered Tools for Fire Safety and Rescue.

Batteries for industrial use

Many types of batteries for industrial use, such as Nickel-cadmium, Lead and Alkali.
D/C and A/C power-supply units.

Strapping Tools

Mainly FROMM(Switerland) products with an well-reliability and lengthy track record.

Air-Pad Producing Machines

FROMM-AP502 of Air-Pad quick producing , FP International MINI PAK'R. and etc.

Forklift Parts

Not only consumables but also all kinds of Repair-Parts for engine, brake and etc.


New FROMM Strapping Tools P328 & P329.
We have just renewed our website.
We have just renewed our website.